Art Therapy

We want YOU to create art - whether it's colouring in a book, lashing paint on a canvas, writing poetry or mastering a musical instrument, just focusing on something creative is a means to express yourself, in a way that sometimes we can't find using words.

In the past Future Perfects events, workshops and Art bursaries have sought to encourage kids and young people to think about the link between emotions, music and art.


Some of the workshops at our events have included:

  • Art and drawing

  • Craft

  • Drum and Music

  • Circus skills

  • Dance

  • Internal Arts


Our art events have seen people come together in solidarity to support one another whether suffering from cancer, mental distress or the loss of a loved one.


Moving forward our therapy objectives are focused on promoting the use of energy arts such as Tai Chi, Yoga and Chi Kung to reduce stress and anxiety. We are working with local partners to facilitate workshops specifically targeting NHS staff as well as NHS service users and our wider community.


Our work with Sonder Festival will see us providing exhibition spaces to service users using the ‘Art room’ at the Christie whilst creating opportunities for young people from the Young Oncology unit to perform on stage or work with creatives.


Further projects include inviting relevant local business, community projects and services to engage with us in encouraging hard to reach groups to participate in creating and exhibiting their art forms.

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