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About Yogi Pete....

Future Perfect has teamed up with City Yoga, at a number of our charity events to provide yoga workshops.

City Yoga is led by its founder Peter Ogazi who has been a practitioner of yoga since 1999 and completed the 200hr yoga teacher training at the acclaimed Yoga London school in 2011. Registered with Yoga Alliance, since qualifying Peter has been able to share his knowledge of both yoga and meditation with a diverse range of clients from professional athletes to individuals with complex health needs.

With a background in martial arts Peter came across Yoga in the late 1990s and found that it complimented his martial arts training immensely, bringing with it a finesse, grace and flow which was previously unnoticed. It was after attending yoga sessions on a regular basis that Peter found that not only did yoga help in a physical sense it also brought an awareness and balance in his spiritual and emotional well-being.

​Yogazi - City Yoga’s work

Over the years Peter has been able to work alongside a number of private, statuary and voluntary organisations, these include the mental health charity MIND; Anxiety UK; The Macmillan trust ;Barnardo’s ;The world famous Christies Hospital and Greater Manchester Fire Service. For the last four years Peter has been teaching at the popular Zion community health and resource centre in the inner city district of Hulme. Initially providing yoga on a voluntary basis at the centre the classes became that popular that people had to be turned away because the class was full .What was interesting was the diversity of those attending the classes, a real dynamic mix of people from varying ethnic, religious, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. It has to be stated that although the popularity of yoga has increased significantly over the last few years the practise is perceived particularly in disadvantaged communities (I.E BME community, young people, disabilities, mental health, and long term unemployed) as somewhat of a luxury activity. The perception is understandable when looking at the expense of classes which can be financially out of reach for a large percentage of Manchester’s population.

​The Workshops

Recently Peter set up community interest company (CIC ) Yogazi CIC to address such issues. The  ethos  of Yogazi CIC is to provide a health regime of meditation and yoga while at the same time offering nutritional advice thus developing individuals to achieve all round health. The company aims to give all members of the community a chance to enhance their physical, mental and emotional health in order to assist progression in their personal and professional lives. Through a series of innovative and creative workshops delivered to  a high standard , these sessions will inspire individuals to continue on the path of healthy living  and motivate them for self-progression. One of the aims of Yogazi CIC is to make yoga accessible to disadvantaged communities by way of being commissioned by statutory organisations like the NHS and the local authority to provide sessions to hard to reach groups .The overall aim is to reach out to communities which have become disengaged from mainstream society and through health and wellbeing to provide them with the opportunity to gain the confidence and esteem that will equip them to enhance their lives.

The workshops are flexible and responsive to each client, and all needs and interests are catered for. There is a focus on enjoyment in a safe environment  in order to keep morale at the highest therefore ensuring participation and attendance are  maximised. Integrated into the workshops is an emphasis to promote healthier lifestyles with a focus on nutrition, and personalised plans. Confidence and motivation will be taught to promote individual progression and to set themselves personal targets. There will be an emphasis on a warm, sincere approach to the workshops thus creating empathy with individual clients. So the aims of each Yogazi workshop is to provide


•                     Individual assessment and action plans.

•                     Professional and individualised advice and guidance.

•                     Promote healthier lifestyles.

•                     Acquire confidence, motivation and self-esteem.

•                     Overcome barriers

•                     Assist and enthuse learners to become physically, emotionally mentally and spiritually thriving

•                     Gain independence and responsibility.

•                     Working with young people


Working with Young People


One specific group that Yogazi has targeted is the 18-30 age group of young males at risk of social exclusion. This group has been targeted because of their over representation in the criminal justice system and mental health system .There are a number of factors that have contributed to this i.e. deprivation, poor housing and discrimination .Through working alongside drug and alcohol agencies; mental health services; the Youth offending team and other statuary, voluntary and private organizations, the aim is to reach out to disadvantaged  communities through  culturally specific  workshops using mainstream channels (Churches Mosques , Community radio) to ensure Yogazi CIC  have a good mix of people representing various cultures and interests.

It is vital that those at the forefront of Yoga promote the practise for everyone .Being able to teach to a diverse range of clients regardless of ethnicity, gender, race or socioeconomic background will not only enhance us as teachers but will also go a long way to enhancing the wider community as a whole.



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