Lee Wyatt

 In loving memory of Lee Wyatt - Future Perfects Founder


Future Perfect is a community project originally founded by Lee Wyatt and two friends while students at University. Originally it was a two day music and art festival to raise money for Oxfam. Lee gained a Degree in Software Engineering at Durham University (2003-2006) and a Masters in Music & Art at Newcastle University (2006-2007). Sadly Lee was diagnosed with bowel cancer in December 2008 and died in April 2010 at the age of 25 years. Lee was from Denton, Manchester. He was a exceptionally talented young man and a brilliant up and coming Music Producer, Artist, DJ and member of the band 'Humanizer'. Lee was employed by Bizarre Creations as a Sound Designer putting music and sound effects onto Xbox 360 games for Activision. James Bond 007: Blood Stone is dedicated to Lee's Memory.



Lee's mum Linda says....


Following Lee's death I decided, together with Lee's friend Adam Sayer, that the most befitting tribute to Lee would be to carry his dream of making Future Perfect an annual event and Future Perfect 2 was born with myself and Adam picking up the baton for Lee. A great addition to the team is Georgina Hoult who has taken up the mantle of Event Organiser. Georgina and Lee became good friends during Lee's illness and Lee would be extremely happy Georgina is keeping up the good work on his behalf.


Initially Future Perfect 2 started out as a small event, but due to the fantastic amount of support, it quickly evolved into a comedy, music and art festival at Castlefield Arena and attracted an audience of over 2,200. We were inundated with bands offering to play the  festival and comedian Russell Howard headlined the comedy. Lee and Russell Howard became friends following a surprise birthday treat for Lee when Russell kindly agreed to take Lee for a pint to celebrate his 25th birthday, which was sadly Lee's last. Lee and Russell had an amazing day out. Russell is a true gent and holds a special place in our hearts for the kindness and compassion he showed Lee during the last months of his life.


The aim of Future Perfect is to help children and young adults cope with the reality of terminal illness and cancer treatments, by supporting the arts and activities programme as the Christie. Comedy, music & art can be used as a form of therapy, to help people cope with the physical and emotional pain that cancer brings.


During his illness Lee used art and music as a form of escapism to help him cope with the most difficult and darkest days anyone could possibly imagine. Lee would totally immerse himself in creating and producing  music, or a piece of art work, as a distraction from the reality of his illness. Lee believed that music and art should never be underestimated as a form of therapy, regardless of age or ability. Just by listening to a fantastic song or looking at a painting, it can take you to another place and relieve the stress of physical and emotional pain. 


Lee helped to set up the original music room at The Christie Hospital and they now have a fantastic new music therapy space where patients can go and practice music even while having chemotherapy or they can just relax with like minded friends. It is a great place to meet other patients and socialise and just be normal. They have formed a band called The YOU62 (Young Oncology Unit). Music is one of therapies they use to help cope with their cancer diagnosis, patients are aged between 16 – 24 years old. Patients thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing and performing at the festival as it gave them a focus and allowed them to shine for the day. 


Future Perfect events can be emotional but are spiritually uplifting and a great comfort to family and friends of lost love ones and cancer survivors. It is extremely comforting to be amongst people who can empathise and celebrate the life of someone special. Often when young people make friends with fellow cancer patients, it can be a frightening experience when on occasions they pass away. Future Perfect is a place where they can remember them and see others who have overcome adversity. Future Perfect helps cancer patients,survivors and family and friends to cope with whatever each day brings.


Despite two major operations and 15 months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy Lee showed courage and bravery beyond belief but sadly lost his battle with cancer. He was an inspiration to all cancer patients and everyone who knew him. Please take a few minutes of your time to read Lee's cancer diary as it is an inspirational read. Lee left us all a wonderful legacy and Future Perfect are a family who support one another during times of extreme stress, whether you are suffering from cancer, mental distress or know someone who is.


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All profits are in aid of The Christie Hospital. Registered Charity Number 1049751



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